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Pelton Turbine Generator

The water wheel generator is suitable for medium and high water head power plants. The key components are Pelton runner, main shaft, and Nozzle assembly.

 Application Scope:

Water Head:  100 ~ 1700m
Output:  0.1 ~ 300MW
Frequency:  50/60HZ
Runner Diameter:  0.5 ~ 3m
Lift Span 30-50 years

Water Turbine Generator

Introduction of the Pelton Water Wheel Generator

Hydro water wheel generator, also known as waterwheel generator, is a type of generator set that uses the rotation of the turbine to drive the generator rotor to generate electricity. Pelton turbine generator usually use different types of turbines and different types of generators to form a hydroelectric generator set, and the principle of hydroelectric generator power generation is to connect bearings to the rotor of the generator through the moving wheels in the hydraulic turbine, and then reuse water The potential energy washed down from the high to the low turbine is converted into kinetic energy to drive the rotor on the rotor and generator bearing to rotate, and the coil on the rotor rotates between the two poles of the magnet. When the coil rotates, the magnetic field of the coil on the rotor and the magnet on the stator changes to work tangentially. Therefore, the induced current is generated by the principle of "electromagnetic induction". The work done by the power is converted into electric energy by the magnetic field in the tangential direction Production device.

Structure of the Water Wheel Turbine

1. Advanced CFD, the FEA technic is utilized in the designing process to ensure a better technical solution.


CFD analysis for a water wheel generator is performed in order to predict the turbine performance. The head loss in the collecting pipe and injector assembly is calculated based on CFD analysis results.


The relation of needle stroke and flow also can be calculated. CFD analysis can improve injector and nozzle design to reduce head, Los. The flow curve relative to needle stroke can be drawn based on analytical data.

Pelton Turbine Generator

CFD analysis can simulate the whole procedure which flows coming into and outgoing from the bucket. The flow visualization can clearly show whether water flow outgoing from the bucket pressure side hit the bucket backside. Such a flow situation will cause more hydraulic loss and should be avoided during the runner bucket optimum design process. The torque generated by runner and pressure distribution in the bucket can be calculated based on CFD analysis results. Water wheel generator output and efficiency are finally predicted for various operating points.

Pelton Turbine Generator

Flow inside bucket

The possible location of cavitation can be predicted based on the pressure distribution in the bucket. The phenomena of cavitation should be avoided in the back tip of splitter by optimum design for the back shape of the splitter. 

Pelton Turbine Generator

Fig.9 Prediction for cavitation location


The pressure distribution in the bucket will be used for fatigue analysis of Pelton runner. The stress level for a bucket is calculated by using FEA analysis for a various load.

Pelton Turbine Generator

2. CAE casting simulation is adopted for the production of casting parts, this advanced and reliable process plan could help effectively improve product quality.

Pelton Turbine Generator

3. All raw materials strictly conform to international standards, such as ASTM, IEC, ISO, etc. key components such as runners, guide vane is Forged and entire CNC machined.


Chemical Composition for ASTM A473 S41500 and ASTM A743 CA6NM(%)


Material No.









ASTM A473 S41500


















Mechanical Property for ASTM A473 S41500 and ASTM A743 CA6NM

ASTM A473 S41500















4. State of the art machining and testing equipment, as well as licensed professional engineers all combined to help guarantee better product precision.


 5. All product is subject to strict inspection according to international standards and client special requirements.

   Pelton Turbine Generator

6. With the help of 3D Assembling, through motion simulation, the entire organization interaction can be seen at a glance. This helped a great deal for parts processing and pre-installation.

Pelton Turbine Generator


7. Each project will strictly follow the manufacturing plan to ensure the delivery date. 


Pelton Turbine Generator

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