Mono Block Forged CNC Machined Francis Runner

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Mono Block Forged CNC Machined Francis Runner

Forging could considerably improve metal’s organizational structure and mechanical property. Forging offers uniformity of composition and structure. Forging results in metallurgical recrystalisation and grain refinement as a result of the thermal cycle and deformation process. This strengthens the resulting steel product particularly in terms of impact and shear strength.

Forged Entire CNC Machined Francis Runner Introduction

Forged Integrally +100% CNC Machining Francis Turbine Runner

1. GETAI has improved the manufacturing procedure of Francis turbine runner which suffered from the problems such as the cavitation and abrasion, welding seam cracks between crown, band and vanes, block worn off from vane etc. The whole Francis runner is forged integrally followed by entire CNC machining to eliminate tiny blowholes and slag inclusions existed on passage surface which accelerate cavitation and abrasion, and solve the potential risk existed by unreleased stress left after welding. The Francis turbine runner service life prolonged consequently.


In the case the high head Francis runner with long and narrow passageway which is hard for entire CNC machining or the runner size exceeds the forging range which can not be forged integrally, GETAI applied a procedure by dividing the runner to two parts which consisted of crown with half vanes and band with rest half, both two parts can be forged integrally with entire CNC machining and welding assembled in final. The welding applied to the middle of vane, where is convenient for single pass welding without touch of potential crack area, the operation security and service life are improved largely.


Samples exhibited below is for forged integrally+100% CNC machined Francis turbine runner (half part) which finished by our five axis linkage CNC machine.

Mono Block Forged CNC Machined Francis Runner

2. Machining vedio for the Forged entire CNC machined Francis runner.





3. ISO 9001 Quality Management system is carried out to ensure better management control


4. Advanced CFD, FEA technic is utilized in the designing process to ensure better technical solution.


5. CAE casting simulation is adopted for the produciton of casting parts, this advanced and reliable process plan could help effectively improve product quality.


6. All raw material strictly conform to international standard, key component such as runners, guide vane is Forged and entire CNC machined.

Chemical Composition for ASTM A473 S41500 and ASTM A743 CA6NM(%)

Material No. C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo
ASTM A473 S41500 ≤0.05 ≤0.60 0.5-1.0 ≤0.030 ≤0.030 11.5-14.0 3.5-5.5 0.40-0.80


Mechanical Property for ASTM A473 S41500 and ASTM A743 CA6NM

Material No. σ0.2(Mpa) σb(Mpa) δ5(%) ψ(%) Akv (J/cm2) HB
ASTM A473 S41500 ≥620 ≥795 ≥15 ≥45 ≥50 ≤295


7. State of the art machining and testing equipment, as well as licensed professional engineers all combined to help guarantee better product precisioness.


8. All product is subject to strict inspection according to international standards and client special requirements.

Mono Block Forged CNC Machined Francis Runner


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