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Why Turbine Should Be Adjusted?

Dec. 08, 2018

Adjustments are required no matter whether the Francis Turbine motor unit is functioning standalone or in parallel using power system.

Once the capacity of this hydro-generator device occupies a specific percentage in the grid, the load to the grid will change to keep the equilibrium of their system frequency. Consequently, in electricity systems with numerous kinds of prime movers, it's frequently the duty of the hydro-generator set to adjust the task.

Additionally, once the turbine requires an emergency shutdown, it's normally also implemented by the turbine automated governor. The responsibility and task of every individual participated in the operation, management, and maintenance of small hydropower units should be kept.

Francis Runner Manufacturer should strengthen the guarantee of turbine quality. 

Whether it is Francis Turbine Generator or after-sales service, every step should be controlled and guided.

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