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What Types Of Hydroelectric Generating Sets Are There?

May. 14, 2019

What types of hydroelectric generating sets are there? What is a hydroelectric generating unit?

The Hydroelectric Generating Unit refers to a hydroelectric generating device composed of a water turbine, a hydroelectric generator and its ancillary equipment (speed regulating, excitation device).

What Types Of Hydroelectric Generating Sets Are There?

According to the arrangement of the hydro-generator set, there are three types: vertical, horizontal and inclined. Most of the hydro-generator units of the horizontal (ie horizontal axis) installation are suitable for small units and some medium-sized water bucket units; the hydro-generator units for inclined units are mainly suitable for open-section and siphon-flow type The unit and other types of small hydro-generator units with low heads; and the medium- and low-speed large and medium-sized hydro-generator units mostly use vertical (vertical shaft) devices. 

The hydro-generator units of rural small Hydropower Stations often connect the turbine main shaft and the generator main shaft through gears, friction wheels and belt drives, while most hydro-generator units use the form of a direct connection between the turbine main shaft and the generator main shaft.

The type of hydroelectric generator is a concise sign of the type and characteristics of the hydroelectric generator. China uses the Chinese Pinyin notation method. For example, SF225-48/12640, "SF" means vertical air-cooled water turbine generator; "225" means that the rated active power of the hydro-generator is 225MW; "48" means the number of magnetic poles of the hydro-generator; "12640" It means that the outer diameter of the generator stator core is 12640mm. In addition, "SFW" means a horizontal air-cooled Water Turbine Generator, "SFG" means a cross-flow air-cooled water turbine generator, and "SFD" means a vertical air-cooled water-wheel generator-electric motor.

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