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Turbines Also Belong To The Engine

Jul. 03, 2018

A turbine is an engine that uses a fluid to impinge on the rotation of the impeller to generate power. It is well known that the engine generates power by burning fuel in the cylinder. Since the amount of fuel input is limited by the amount of air sucked into the cylinder, the power generated by the engine is also limited if the engine is running at its best. State, and then increase the output power can only increase the amount of fuel by compressing more air into the cylinder, thereby increasing the combustion function. Therefore, under the current technical conditions, the turbocharger is the only mechanical device that can increase the output power of the engine under the same working efficiency.

The turbocharger that we usually refer to is actually an air compressor that increases the intake air volume of the engine by compressing air. Generally, the turbocharger uses the inertial force of the exhaust gas from the engine to push the turbine in the turbine chamber. The turbine in turn drives the coaxial impeller, which presses the air sent by the air cleaner pipe to pressurize it into the cylinder. When the engine speed increases, the exhaust gas discharge speed and the turbine speed also increase synchronously. The impeller compresses more air into the cylinder. The increase in air pressure and density can burn more fuel, correspondingly increase the fuel amount and adjust the engine. With the speed, you can increase the output of the engine.

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Turbines Also Belong To The Engine

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