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Turbine Uses Waves To Generate Electricity

Jun. 28, 2018

Initially, Professor Shintake's research was in the field of high-energy accelerators. In 2012, he decided to find a new type of energy from the ocean. That year, Professor Shintake together with OIST's quantum-wave microscopy unit created the "Hippocampus" project, which aims to harness the energy of the Kuroshio Current flowing through the seas of eastern Taiwan and southern Japan.

The project uses underwater turbines that are moored on the seabed to moor the mooring chain and convert the kinetic energy of the natural and persistent Kuroshio Current into usable electrical energy, which is then transported by cable to land.

These turbines not only produce clean, renewable energy, but they also help the coast resist erosion, while also allowing those with limited capital and infrastructure to afford it.

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