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What Are The Inspection Items Before The Turbine Is Turned On?

Aug. 01, 2019

Here is Kaplan Turbine Factory talking about the inspection items before the turbine is turned on.

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What are the inspection items before the turbine is turned on?

(1) The pressure of the steel pipe is normal;

(2) Guide vanes and butterfly valves are fully closed;

(3) The water machine room has no obstructions that hinder the rotation, the large shaft water seal is intact, and the top cover drain valve is fully opened;

(4) The cooling water pressure is normal, the oil inlet and outlet valves are fully open, and the air cooler inlet valve is opened to 1/3 opening;

(5) The damper has been withdrawn and the brake pressure is normal; Electrical Engineering Network

(6) Check the oil level of the return tank and the gravity tank, and the oil color is normal;

(7) The governor system and the butterfly valve system are normal;

(8) The carbon brush, the brush holder and the slip ring are intact, and the lead wires and the connecting screws are not loose;

(9) Check the speed measuring device, temperature inspection instrument, temperature indicator and shear pin signal device to indicate normal, no-barrier signal.

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