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Turbine Small Fault: Voltage Transformer Fuse Failure

Feb. 18, 2019

Here is Francis Turbine Design Company talking about Voltage transformer fuse failure.

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Voltage transformer fuse failure and treatment measures:

There are two chief types of voltage transformers, namely low voltage fuse and higher voltage fuse. Low-voltage fuses may also be regarded as single-phase low-voltage fuses and two-phase low-voltage fuses. When a single-phase low-voltage fuse injury happens, the voltage of the principal device is ordinary, however, the fuse is disconnected, which is going to lead to no voltage at the fault stage, but the non-fault stage voltage in this time stays unchanged. After this type of scenario happens, the low-voltage fuse ought to be replaced promptly. This is definitely the very best solution up to now. Obviously, this step is a lot easier to implement and just requires onsite technicians to manage it. Consequently, in case of high heeled fuse, the gear ought to be stopped instantly, and corresponding options ought to be taken immediately to replace or fix the unprotected fuse.

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