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Turbine Governor Function

Feb. 28, 2019

Here is Pelton Turbine Generator For Sale talking about Turbine Governor Function. 

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Pelton Turbine Generator

As an important part of the turbine, the turbine governor is also a key part of the regulation of the turbine. In order to ensure the normal operation of the turbine and to ensure the normal and stable operation of the hydropower station, the turbine governor generally has two functions: the grid connection function and the regulation function. Among them, the grid-connected function is an important condition for the automatic adjustment of the turbine operating state. During the normal operation of the turbine, the staff sends the operation status adjustment command to the turbine through the computer. Then the grid connection function of the turbine governor can automatically adjust the operating state of the turbine according to the relevant instructions, which is beneficial to ensure the stable operation of the turbine. . As the main function of the turbine governor, the adjustment function is also a function of the value of the turbine governor. Its function is to adjust the turbine operating speed, water flow and power. That is, during the operation of the turbine, the staff can adjust the speed, power, and water flow of the turbine to an appropriate value according to the demand, using the adjustment function of the governor to ensure the safety and stability of the turbine operation. In turn, it provides the guarantee for the safe and stable operation of hydropower stations.

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