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Quick Finding Of Grounding Fault Of Hydrogenerator Rotor

Dec. 27, 2018

If you find that CFD Tubular Turbine is not working, after checking the Tubular Runner, you should look for those reasons.

Following research, the occurrence which the magnetic current is created by the magnetic rod is utilized, and the subsequent procedure is utilized, and the error is soon eliminated.

The System is as follows: firstly disassemble the Cable carbon brush, and utilize a 500V shaker to quantify whether the floor error is on the linking cable of this carbon brush along with the exciter. Otherwise, open the stator bellows cap and take out the top windshield, and then slip the rheostat to generate The coil moves 5 to 10A present, and an iron block is used to approach the magnetic poles where the present initial flows. 

(1) If most of the magnetic poles of the rotor don't have any magnetic drive or possess magnetic drive, the error should be about the negative or positive result; 

(2) If there's not any magnetic force on a magnetic rod, the fault stage is on its own upper magnetic rod or its relation to the A magnetic rod. At this moment, it's just required to weld both magnetic levels linking wires, then press on the wiring to check the magnetic power of every magnetic pole over the B magnetic rod. When there's the magnetic drive, the error is on a magnetic rod. When there's absolutely no magnetic drive, the error is actually B. The link line between the magnetic pole and the A magnetic rod. 

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