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Introduction Of Pelton Turbine

Jul. 25, 2019

The basic principle of the Pelton Turbine is the momentum theorem. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the impact of the jet on the fixed plate and the column panel and the force between each other.

The purpose of this study is to try to reveal the fundamental law of the pelton turbine; but it is completely in accordance with the flow around the fluid in the pressurized flow, and it is obvious that the impact of the high-speed water flow on the board surface is obviously out of the actual.

Pelton Turbine

Pelton Turbine

The necessary condition for the flow around the fluid is the pressurized flow defined by the boundary conditions, and here the impact or collision of the free jet in the atmosphere on the plate surface. This impact is the same as a rigid body collision, except that the jets are water quality beams, so they have more impacts on each other. The force, power and efficiency of the moving bending plate under the action of the jet are also discussed, and the jet is fixed, while the forced bending is moving. The blade is not stressed at all when it is not in contact with the jet; it is only stressed when its inlet contacts the jet, but this is only a moment. When the blade continues to move forward, the blow point of the jet moves down the blade surface, that is, the blade is moved downward; after that, the blade is out of the jet and no longer receives force. It can be seen that this discussion is still out of touch with reality.

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