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Turbine Advanced Sealing Technology

Jun. 20, 2018

Turbine advanced sealing technology is a branch that has attracted much attention in foreign countries in the past ten years. The benefits of advanced sealing technology are reflected in the improvement of engine performance, reduction of fuel consumption rate, and reduction of operation and maintenance costs. Turbine leakage and cylinder deformation are the most common equipment problems during the operation of the turbine. The tightness of the cylinder joint surface directly affects the safe and economic operation of the unit, and the inspection and scraping of the joint surface of the cylinder is made to be tight, which is important for cylinder maintenance. jobs. In the process of dealing with the leakage of the combined surface, it is necessary to carefully analyze the cause of the formation. According to the degree of deformation and the size of the gap, various methods can be comprehensively applied to meet the strict requirements of the joint surface.

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