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What Is The Nozzle Device Of Pelton Turbine Generator?

Aug. 08, 2018

The nozzle device of Pelton Turbine Generator is composed of nozzle elbow, needle, nozzle, bracket and balance piston.

The spray elbow guides the pressurized water to the nozzle through the support. The main function of the support is to bear the needle bar and avoid eddy currents. The needle is made into a converging flow pattern to reduce the resistance to water flow. Pressurized water flows into the nozzle, and then the flow rate rises rapidly at the nozzle outlet and pushes the rotor blades through high-speed injection, and the pressure energy is converted into velocity energy and operates on the runner. By changing the nozzle opening degree by changing the nozzle outlet portion by the action of the needle servo motor, the injection amount can be adjusted to adapt to the load change. The balance piston is used to balance the axial hydraulic pressure exerted on the needle to free the movement of the needle bar. The gland on the jet elbow is another support point that supports the needle bar.

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Pelton turbine generator

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