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Maintenance Of Turbine Governor

Mar. 14, 2019

Here is Francis Runner Manufacturer talking about Maintenance Of Turbine Governor. 

The performance of the Francis Turbine governor is not only related to its design and manufacturing process but also closely related to its daily maintenance. Good maintenance can ensure that the governor's operation is maintained in a good state for a long time. Promote its service life. The daily maintenance work of the turbine mainly has the following aspects:

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First, the governor maintains good working conditions

(1) Ensure that the operation of the turbine unit is normal. Under the no-load operation state of the turbine, the deviation value of the large speed governor should be kept within ±0.2%; the medium speed governor should be kept within ±0.3%; the small speed governor should be kept within ±0.4%.

(2) The ambient temperature of the governor during storage and transportation should be kept between -5 and 40 °C, the relative humidity is within 90%, there should be no corrosive gas such as acid and alkali salts, and dust and rain should be prevented. Damage to the snow.

(3) The oil quality of the lubricating oil used in the speed regulating system should be the same or similar to that of the national standard GB11120 No. 46 oil. The operating oil temperature is maintained between 10~50 °C.

(4) During the operation of the governor, the fluctuation value of the lubricating oil pressure should be kept within ±5% of the working oil pressure, and the oil pressure variation value during the adjustment process should be kept at ±10% of the working oil pressure. Within.

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