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Low Fault Of Turbine Generator Voltage

Feb. 21, 2019

Here is Francis Turbine Design Company talking about Turbine Generator Voltage. 

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Once the generator is simply completed repairing and starting up, it is going to continue to grow the pressure whilst keeping the rated speed. Hence, the magnetoresistance will end up bigger, hence the magnetic voltage along with the stator voltage cannot be increased, making it challenging to achieve the rated voltage.

When such a situation happens, it's important to take corrective steps in time, examine the reason for the collapse, and explore the probable circumstances one by one, and eventually confirm the identification.

In overall, by assessing the manner of this excitation circuit, it's detected whether there's a disconnection from the puncture within the circuit, if the brush is at the right place, etc. If the above situation happens in the excitation circuit following the review, along with the header of this excitation voltmeter is redirected, it indicates there is an issue at the overlap of the excitation coil. In this aspect, the right treatment would be to modify the negative and positive rods and replace the negative and positive poles of the excitation coil. If the pointer of this excitation voltmeter doesn't demonstrate a deflection, the voltmeter doesn't reveal some level, suggesting that the magnetic field of the excitation coil is inadequate. After troubleshooting all of the flaws, the tech must also follow along with the gear to make certain the equipment is in a normal state for future usage.

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