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What Is Hydropower?

Jan. 17, 2019

Hydropower generation, exploring the science and technology of technical and economic issues 

like engineering construction and production operation that converts water energy into electrical energy. 

The water-energy used by hydropower is largely the possible energy within the water. 

In order to convert water energy into electrical energy, 

several kinds of Hydro Water Power Plant need to be built.

Hydroelectric power uses hydropower that flows from high places such as rivers and lakes into low places, 

converts the possible energy contained there to the kinetic energy of the turbine, 

then utilizes the Tubular Turbine since the motive power to drive the generator to create electricity. 

The hydraulic power (with the water head) is used to push the hydraulic machine (turbine) 

to flip energy into mechanical energy. If a different mechanical device (generator) is connected to the toaster, 

the electrical machine could be powered as the turbine rotates for electric energy. 

Since the power voltage created by the hydropower plant is reduced, to be transported to users who are far off, 

the voltage must be increased by the transformer and then transmitted to the substation of the consumer concentration area by the empty framework transmission line, and finally reduced to appropriate for the family. 

The voltage of this consumer and also the plant's electrical equipment is delivered to the various factories and houses by the supply line.

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