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Hydraulic Turbine Generator insulation Harm failure and treatment Steps

Feb. 14, 2019

As a manufacturer of Pelton Turbine Generator For Sale, we will discuss Generator insulation.

Little and medium-sized hydropower stations will need to use generator gear during the performance. From the application procedure of generators, heat loss frequently happens. In serious circumstances, it might make a security collision.

Following the insulator of this Hydraulic Turbine Generator is damaged, it might lead to a brief circuit because of congestion, which brings particular security dangers to the maintenance work of their electric gear. In the event the security consciousness of the maintenance employees is weak at that moment, and the expert abilities are insufficiently mastered, electrical shock may occur. Accordingly, so as to enhance the protection of electric maintenance, technicians must first take care of the issue of insulator harm to the generator.

Once the generator is ruined by insulating material, there are usually three scenarios:

First, the vents of the generators appear to be exposed outside of Mars, and sometimes there is a thicker smoke that can smell the burnt smell;

Second, on the monitoring device, the display will show a pointer to zero;

Third, the circuit breaker will trip frequently.

Once the above 3 conditions occur throughout the operation of this generator, then the technician must check the insulation of this generator when possible. If the insulator is discovered to be burnt out, it needs to be treated in time to guarantee the normal functioning of this generator.

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