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Horizontal Pelton Turbine Installation

Sep. 29, 2018

Horizontal Pelton Turbine structure, generally by two wheels to promote a hydro-generator to improve the unit output, each wheel has two nozzles.

Pusher-type Pelton Turbine mainly by the chassis, runner, nozzle, needle and control agencies and other components.

First, the chassis installation

Large horizontal Pelton Turbine casing structure, most of the combination of bolts.

In order to facilitate the adjustment of the height and level of the cabinet, a concrete concrete pier 14 may be added to the first stage of concrete, and the base plate 13 shall be embedded in the pier.

(A) chassis decomposition, cleaning and combination

Before the formal installation, the cabinet should be decomposed, cleaned and combined, requiring the combination surface with 0.05mm stopper pass, allowing the local O.15mm, the depth is less than the width of the combination of 1/3 gap. Combination, the combination of surface should be coated with lead oil, the inner surface coated with epoxy red Dan paint, the outer surface of the embedded part of the concrete, should brush cement mortar. After assembly, to prevent the installation

Deformation, the internal should be added support.

(2) shell installation

You can install the lower part of the chassis, according to the requirements of the drawings, the fixed steel beam (I-beam) welded to the bottom of the chassis, and then the stability of the grid hanging on the steel beam, U-bolts and folder stack fixed.

Will be combined with the lower part of the chassis hanging into the installation position, the first wedge board with the initial adjustment, and then according to x, y, the reference point, put the piano line to the center, elevation and level of correction, you can put on the machine Shell, side of the chassis and the rear chassis together with the same time.


Second, the nozzle, nozzle and relay installation

Nozzle, nozzle and relay structure

(A) the decomposition and assembly of the nozzle

If the equipment reaches the installation site for a long time, the nozzle inside the serious corrosion, then the nozzle should be decomposed cleaning.

Remove the nozzle coupler, guide rod, etc., and remove the needle on the needle pin, rotate the needle and pull out. Before the needle is pulled out, it should be placed on the side of the guide frame. To prevent the needle bar from withdrawing the guide frame and damaging the bearing at the bearing housing. In order to avoid damage to the thread, the part of the thread should be protected, such as copper and so on.


Third, the wheel installation

(A) horizontal Pelton Turbine wheel installation

Fountain-type Pelton Turbine installation, should be installed in the nozzle, the unit axis after the end of the inspection.

The distance L of the center distance of the two-wheeled Pelton Turbine can be calculated from Equation 1 to 9, and the installation error of this distance is generally 1mm.

The runner and spindle should be preloaded to check the clearance between the runner and the side flap. When the runner enters a certain value and the surrounding gap S1 is uniform, measure the distance S between the runner and the side flap. Such as S> 2 + s1 ,, then the runner can be all into the mouth, and tighten the wheel and the spindle connection bolts.

Horizontal Pelton Turbine Installation

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