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Francis Turbine Introduction

Mar. 18, 2019

Francis Turbine is one of the core components of hydroelectric generating units. It is a device that controls the direction and size of the flow entering the unit. It is very important for the stability and safety of the whole unit. 

According to Francis Turbine Wholesalers' reports, Xiangjiaba hydroelectric power station of the total weight of 976 tons, called the world's largest weight, the most stringent technical requirements, the most difficult to create water guide.

Francis Turbine Wholesalers

What is the automation component of a Francis turbine?

Refers to the unit start-up, operation, shutdown, accident shutdown, and accident alarm with the automation device. Which mainly refers to the temperature, speed, level, level, pressure, flow, differential pressure, and other non-power monitoring, conversion, operation, etc. used in the device. Does not include electrical secondary circuit, generator relay protection, and other power monitoring, protection and operation of the device; generally does not include the power station in the central control room in the need for automation devices and components.

Characteristics of Francis Turbine Products:

Reliable: The unique and rational design of the external Francis Turbine is installed outside the cooling tower hairdryer, which is easy to maintain and maintain. The structure is the same as the traditional cooling tower motor and the gearbox, and the mechanical noise and failure rate of the traditional motor are eliminated. 

Cold assurance: With the season's change, the cooling system will change. External Francis Turbine Diagram design of the three brake valve so that the fan speed increases with the increase or decrease in circulating water flow, air volume also increases or decreases, so that the cooling tower gas and gas ratio in the best state, to achieve the best operating results;

Environmental protection: externally mixed flow turbine to replace the motor, reduce the mechanical noise and vibration, reduce the user energy.

Energy saving: full use of recycled water system backwater pressure into mechanical energy, external turbine to replace the motor drive, to 100% energy saving.

Safety: to fundamentally put an end to the motor, electronic control and leakage of damaged damage to the safety and continuous operation to provide a guarantee, in any explosion-proof environment to operate safely.

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