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Francis Turbine's Electromagnetic Vibration Wear Corrosion

Jan. 07, 2019

Francis Turbine's electromagnetic vibration wear corrosion condition:

The various mechanical vibrations created by the motor during surgery will wear the corrosion of the coil insulation. The most important one is the effect of electromagnetic vibration on the windings and notches of the motor end.

When the caliber of the stator core is bad, the twisting end is not properly tied, causing the coil to have a large amplitude vibration as a result of inferior fixing in the groove, and the interlayer spacer along with the temperature measuring element strip will be at the upper and lower layers. The top and lower coils have been worn and swayed back and forth to damage the principal insulation of the coil.

What is more serious is that if the current passing through the wire during the functioning of the coil generates a double-frequency perceptible vibration power, not only the coil and the core and the winding end spacer block will vibrate, and the main insulation surface is going to be worn. Moreover, frictional vibrations are made between the wires and the main insulation, involving the ends of these wires, and involving the strands, causing the limbs of the wires, looseness between the strands, short circuits, and strand breaks. At precisely the same time, added loss and temperature rise happen in the short-circuited part, which will accelerate the regional principal insulation aging, reduce the insulation power, and also lead to insulation breakdown failure under normal working voltage.

Therefore, electromagnetic vibration is the main cause of external corrosion and internal corrosion damage of the main insulation of the coil.

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