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What Are The Factors Of Francis Turbine Blade Processing?

Nov. 12, 2018

Francis Turbine Blade processing reaches new levels.

The highly competitive manufacture of blades for steam turbines and gas turbines is a challenge that involves most of the demanding factors in the field of metal cutting:

1. The machinability of the parts and materials varies (some materials have poor texture and require special blades).

2. A large amount of material needs to be removed and a good surface quality must be ensured (without negative effects on the blade, for example in terms of residual stress),

3. The shape of the part is complex (some parts require the best method for advanced CAM programming),

4. The blade is prone to vibration during processing (for long, slender, thin parts, light cutting tools and tools with damping capacity are required)

5. Production efficiency is very important (large-volume production),

6. A variety of different tools must be used correctly (from simple face milling to 4-5 axis profiling).

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