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The Characteristics And Scope Of The Pelton Turbine

Mar. 11, 2019

Pelton Turbine, also known as Pelton (Pelton) turbine, it is from the nozzle out of the jet along the wheel tangential direction of the wheel impact wheel and does work. 

Pelton Turbine application of high head, small water bucket for the head 40 ~ 250m, large water bucket type used in the head 400 ~ 4500m.

Oblique-type turbine characteristics and scope of application?

Oblique turbines, nozzles out of the jet, in the import and transfer of energy into a corner (usually 22.5 degrees). This turbine is used in small and medium-sized hydropower stations, the head of the application in the 400m below.

Pelton Turbine Generator Factory

As a Pelton Turbine Generator Factory telling you the basic structure of it. 

The Pelton Turbine has the following several overcurrent components, and their main functions are as follows:

1. The nozzle from the upstream pressure water pipe through the nozzle after the formation of a jet impact to the wheel, the nozzle of the water flow can be converted into the kinetic energy of the jet.

2. The needle is used to change the diameter of the jet ejected by the nozzle by means of the movement of the needle, and thus the flow rate of the turbine is changed.

3. The wheel consists of a disc and a number of buoys fixed on it, and the jet flows to the bucket, passing its kinetic energy to the bucket, thereby pushing the runner to rotate.

4. A deflector which is located between the nozzle and the Pelton Runner, and when the turbine fails to reduce the load, the deflector rapidly deflects the jet sprayed into the bucket. At this point, the needle will slowly turn off

Adapt to the new load. When the needle is stable in the new position, the reverberator returns to the original position of the jet and prepares the next action.

5. The chassis so that the flow of energy flow smoothly to the downstream, the casing pressure and atmospheric pressure quite. The housing is also used to support the turbine bearings.

According to China's JBB84-74 "turbine model preparation rules" provides that the turbine grade consists of three parts, each part with "-" separated. The first part of the symbol is the first letter of the Chinese alphabet of the turbine type, and the Arabic numerals indicate the characteristics of the turbine than the speed. The second part is composed of two Chinese phonetic alphabets, the former indicates the arrangement type of the turbine main shaft, and the latter indicates the characteristic of the water diversion room. The third part is the nominal diameter of the runner in centimeters.

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