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Brief Introduction To Francis Turbines

Nov. 30, 2018

Do you know about Francis turbine? In fact, it's a big amaing way of working. Let's go and see.

First, francis turbine is a type of water turbine Which was developed by James B. Francis at Lowell, Massachusetts. It is an inward-flow response toaster that unites radial and axial flow concepts.

Second, Francis turbines are the most frequent water turbine in use today. They function in a water mind out of 40 to 600 m (130 to 2,000 ft) and are primarily used for electrical energy generation. The electric generators that many frequently use this type of turbine possess a power output that normally ranges from merely a couple of kilowatts up to 800 MW, though mini-hydro installations might be reduced. The speed assortment of the turbine is from 75 to 1000 rpm. A wicket gate across the outside of the turbine's rotating runner controls the rate of water flow through the turbine for different electricity production rates. Francis turbines are almost always mounted with the shaft perpendicular to segregate water from the generator. This also eases installation and maintenance.

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