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Do You Know The Bearing Unit Of Turbine?

Dec. 10, 2018

The most important use of the turbine bearing would be to repair the axial position of the device and also to defy the vibration and radial forces sent by the turbine shaft. Beginning from the status of enhancing bearing stress, the bearing position ought to be as near as you can to the runner, so the cantilever of the runner into the posture is the shortest in order the turbine will function more stable.

Water-lubricated rubber bearings: The bearing is lubricated with sterile water. The filtered lubricating water has been introduced to the water tank in the top region of the bearing through the pipe, and also the upper region of the water tank is provided with a sealing apparatus. When the principal shaft moves, the water has been attracted to several pieces of this bearing to make a water movie to lubricate, and also the warmth converted to friction is removed.

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