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What is a Pelton turbine?

A Pelton turbine (also: Pelton wheel or Pelton water wheel generator) is a type of impact water turbine generator that uses water to flow and hit the waterwheel to obtain energy, different from A traditional shooter-type waterwheel driven by the weight of water.

How does a Pelton wheel generator work?

After the high-speed water flows into the pipeline, the powerful water column is driven through the needle valve to the bucket-shaped fan blade on the moving wheel to drive the moving wheel. Because the water jet impinges on the fan blades, the flow direction of the water will change due to the shape of the bucket. The force of the water impact will exert a torque on the water bucket and the moving wheel system, and use this to rotate the moving wheel; the flow direction of the water flow is "irreversible", and the water flow outlet is set outside the water bucket, at which time the flow velocity will be reduced to Very low speed. In this process, the momentum of the fluid jet will be transferred to the moving wheel and from there to the water turbine. So "shock" does work for the turbine.

Where is the Pelton wheel micro hydro generator used?

Water wheel generator can be installed in stations of various sizes. Hydropower plants with tons of hydraulic vertical shaft Pelton turbines now exist. Its largest unit can be up to 200 MW. The smallest Pelton turbines are only a few inches wide and can be used to extract energy from streams with only a few gallons per minute. Some household plumbing systems will use Pelton-type waterwheels to carry water.

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