Prevention of Turbine Failure

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Prevention of Turbine Failure

Jan. 13, 2021

Only by focusing on prevention, insisting on safe production, and taking scientific and reasonable prevention, can the probability of accidents be effectively reduced.

According to the specific operating conditions of the turbine unit, the following four preventive measures are summarized:


Prevention of Turbine Failure

Pelton Turbines

First, the establishment of a Hydro-Turbine Power Station requires strict checks on all aspects including design, equipment selection, commissioning, and installation.

Combined with the specific conditions of the power grid and power station, the selected equipment must be stable and qualified.

In addition, various operation modes, alarm signals, automatic devices and protection devices should be properly matched.

Second, it is necessary to strengthen the professional training, safety education and quality education for the Turbine staff.

Third, establish a sound work system.

Such as safety management system, equipment defect recording system operation, duty system and other systems suitable for power station needs.

Fourth, it is necessary to formulate operating systems and operating procedures suitable for the production needs of the power station, formulate various accident predictions and plans for handling accidents.

It is necessary to repeatedly strengthen accident drills so as to respond quickly when an accident occurs and reduce the loss caused by the accident. The company also provides Pelton Turbines and Francis turbines, please feel free to contact us if necessary

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