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Quality & Safety

In accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 quality management system, Getai has established a complete quality management system, strictly controlling quality from each stage of design, procurement, manufacturing, testing, and shipping, minimizing or eliminating the occurrence of quality problems. Ensuring high product quality.


Quality Conception: Taking technology firstly, quality premier, sincerity utmost, sustain continuous improvement.

1. Meet customer needs is our primary task, always consider the problem from the perspective of customer.

2. Building a complete Quality Management System and keep it operating efficiently, and under continuous improvement.

3. Take advantage of advanced technology and means to meet customer requirements for product specifications and quality.

4. In any case, we must guarantee the quality of our products. We must not neglect the quality of our products because of any external or internal factors.

5. Every procedure has special personnel to supervise the quality of products and make records, so problems can be traced back to the root cause in time. 

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