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Using Kaplan Turbine Of Reactor Faults And Treatment Measures

Feb. 12, 2019

Here is Kaplan Turbine Supplier talking about Common electrical faults in hydropower stations. 

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Reactors also referred to as inductors, would be the center electrical gear of hydropower stations. Their functioning principle is: a conductor will generate a magnetic field in a particular selection of space inhabited by it when it's energized, so all of the electrical conductors capable of transporting current Both possess an overall sense. The most important use of the reactor would be to continuously boost or depressurize. In the course of daily operation, various faults often occur due to external or internal things. For example, if the reactor is operated for quite a while without successful rest, it's more likely to overheat. If this situation persists for a long time, it will eventually exceed the limitation of the equipment and burn the gear. In addition, in the course of everyday usage, there is often a case where the present is shaky, and such factors can cause the reactor to fail to function at a standard current, thus causing a malfunction. For all these issues, relevant technical personnel should have targeted emergency strategies and preventive measures. For instance, when the temperature of the reactor is too large, using a shunt may be well solved. Simply speaking, the shunt is connected in parallel with the original unit by using a unit, thereby effectively reducing the amount of current flowing through the reactor, reducing the temperature of the reactor, and lessening the possibility of reactor failure. The problem can be solved with the technicians using a booster or a buck, and the reactor can be stably operated by setting different parameters by the booster and the dollar.

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