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Upgrades the Large Machine

Oct. 18, 2018

In recent years, due to the construction of upstream dam, sediment content in water increased dramatically, resulting in severe wear of the turbine overcurrent components, especially the front and back cover of 2# unit, penetrating abrasion occurs, resulting in multiple sealing failure which lead to serious leaking problem, to avoid that,the load have to be reduced to 2000KW, so that the unit can maintain the operation. What's more, the connection part between runner and the front and rear cover suffer from abnormal erosion, the gap has broadened to as much as 3~4mm (far exceeding the design value), and the gap is not uniform, resulting in big vibration of unit #1,to avoid vibration,the output have to be reduced to 2000KW. Power station have to replace the runner and distributor every year, its maintenance cost is expensive.

Getai partiallly upgrades the 2# machine (large machine),that is keep the sparil case, guide bearing and foundation remain unchanged,while improve the anti-wear property of over-current components,extend the maintenance cycle, and the unit has over generaring capacitythe output could reach 5800KW .

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Project at  Shang Gou Hydropower Plant

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