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Turbine In Hydroelectric Power

Dec. 22, 2018

What is the role of Turbine in a Hydro Water Power Plant? How is electricity transformed?

The hydropower system uses rivers, lakes, etc., where the potential energy flows from a high place to a low place, converts the potential energy contained therein into the kinetic energy of the Kaplan Turbine, and then uses the turbine as the motive force to drive the generator to generate electric energy.

The hydraulic power is used to push the hydraulic machine to turn, and the water energy is converted into mechanical energy. If the generator is connected to the turbine, the electric turbine can be turned on as the turbine rotates, and then the mechanical energy is converted into electric energy.

Because the power voltage generated by the hydropower plant is relatively low, to be transported to users who are far away, the voltage must be increased by the transformer, and then transmitted to the substation of the user concentration area by the empty frame transmission line, and finally reduced to suitable for the family. The voltage of the user and the plant's electrical equipment is transmitted to the factories and homes by the distribution line.

Kaplan Turbine

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