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Turbine Generator Set With Load Test

Aug. 07, 2019

Here is Pelton Turbine Generator Factory talking about turbine generator set with load test.

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Pelton Turbine Generator

Pelton Turbine Generator

1. The hydro-generator set belt and load rejection test should be interspersed with each other. After the unit is initially loaded, the operation of each unit of the unit and related electromechanical equipment should be checked. After no abnormality, the load rejection test can be carried out according to the system conditions.

2. The hydro-generator unit with load test, the active load should be increased step by step, observe and record the operation status of each part of the unit and the instructions of each instrument. Observe and measure the vibration range and its value of the unit under various load conditions, measure the pressure fluctuation value of the draft tube, observe the working condition of the turbine air supply device, and carry out the air supply test if necessary.

3. Carry out the test of the speed control system under the load of the unit. Check the stability of the unit adjustment and the stability of the switching process in the speed and power control mode. For a propeller turbine, check that the coordination relationship of the governor system is correct.

4. Carry out rapid load reduction test of the unit. According to the site conditions, the unit should be abruptly loaded, and the change should not be greater than the rated load. The transition process of unit speed, volute water pressure, draft tube pressure pulsation, servo stroke and power change should be automatically recorded. During the process of load increase, attention should be paid to observing the vibration of the monitoring unit, and recording the parameters such as the corresponding load and the head of the unit. If the unit under the head has obvious vibration, it should be quickly crossed.

5. Perform the excitation regulator test of the hydro-generator unit under load:

(1) When conditions are met, the generator reactive power shall be adjusted from zero to the rated value according to the design requirements when the generator active power is 0, 50% and 100% respectively. The adjustment shall be smooth and no jump.

(2) When conditions are met, the hydroponic generator terminal voltage adjustment rate is measured and calculated, and the adjustment characteristics should have good linearity and meet the design requirements.

(3) When conditions are met, determine and calculate the hydrostatic generator static pressure differential rate, the value should meet the design requirements.

(4) When there is no design regulation, the electronic type should not be greater than), 0.2%, -, 1%, and the electromagnetic type should not be greater than 1%, -3%., 4) For the thyristor excitation regulator, each should be separately Test and setting of limiters and protection.

(5) For units equipped with Power System Stabilizer (PSS), the 10%, -, and 15% rated load should be suddenly changed to verify its function.

6. When adjusting the active load and reactive load of the unit, it should be carried out separately on the local governor and the excitation device, and then controlled and adjusted by the computer monitoring system.

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