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Introduction Of Turbine Blades

Aug. 14, 2019

Here is Casting Guide Vane Manufacturer talking about introduction of turbine blades.

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Casting Guide Vane

Casting Guide Vane

Turbine blades are an important component of the turbine section of a gas turbine engine. The blades that rotate at high speed are responsible for drawing high temperature and high pressure air into the burner to maintain the engine's operation. In order to ensure long-term stability in extreme environments of high temperature and high pressure, turbine blades are often forged with high-temperature alloys and used in different ways to cool, for example, internal airflow cooling, boundary layer cooling, or thermal barrier coatings that protect the blades. Guarantee the reliability during operation. In steam turbine engines and gas turbine engines, metal fatigue of the blades is the most important cause of engine failure. Strong vibration or resonance can cause metal fatigue. Engineers often use friction dampers to reduce the damage these factors cause to the blades.

Turbine engine blades are generally subjected to large working stresses and high operating temperatures, and the stress and temperature changes are also frequent and intense. In addition, there are corrosion and wear problems, which are very demanding on working conditions, and therefore require blade Processing precision is very high. At the same time, in order to improve the turbine efficiency, the surface shape of the turbine blade is usually designed as a twisted variable-section curved surface with a complicated shape. Therefore, the precise geometric shape of the turbine blades becomes a necessary prerequisite for turbine machining. The essence of turbine blade geometry is to find a mathematical method that can effectively satisfy the shape representation and geometric design requirements, and facilitate the exchange of shape information and product data to describe the turbine blade surface.

The turbine blade raw data for geometric modeling is the sectional point value data calculated along the height of the blade according to the fluid dynamics principle. Five sections of the blade in the blade height direction are given.

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