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What Failures did the Water Wheel Encounter?

Apr. 03, 2020

What is a hydro-generator? Let ’s take a look at the Hydraulic Turbine Generator Supplier. A water turbine is a power machine that converts the energy of water flows into rotating mechanical energy. It belongs to turbine machinery in fluid machinery. As early as around 100 BC, the embryonic form of water turbines appeared in China-water turbines, used to raise irrigation and drive grain processing equipment, and today they have developed into a Hydraulic Turbine Generator China. Modern water turbines are mostly installed in hydropower stations to drive generators to generate electricity. In a Hydro Water Power Plant, the water in the upstream reservoir is directed to the turbine through a water diversion pipe, pushing the turbine runner to rotate, driving the generator to generate electricity. The finished water is discharged downstream through the tailpipe.

According to the statistics of equipment failures in hydropower stations in the past 10 years (73-82) published in the Technical Report of the Institute of Electrical Engineering, the most common failures related to water turbines are water supply and drainage devices, followed by the water turbine body and oil pressure devices. The number of failures occurred approximately every two years.

Hydro Turbine

Hydro Turbine

The following is an overview of the state quantities that various faults are related to. When most faults occur, some state quantities change. It is much easier to manage them if they are centralized and classified. These state quantities are called Related state quantities. For water supply and drainage devices, it refers to the increase in water pressure, flow rate, vibration, etc. Similarly, for hydraulic turbine bearings, it refers to the amount of wear, bearing temperature, vibration value, etc. J for the casing, runner, suction pipe, Refers to noise, vibration, etc. For oil pressure devices, it refers to oil pressure, oil level, operation time and a number of times of load relief valve, etc. For the main shaft water sealing device, it means the increase of filler grinding, water leakage, etc. To implement the detection method effectively, consider the following monitoring rules.

1. Water turbine bearing temperature

The temperature of the turbine bearing varies depending on whether the rotating parts and the bearing itself are normal, and the cooling water amount, water temperature, room temperature, oil temperature and other conditions. From the perspective of the maintenance of the turbine bearings, it is always desirable to monitor the bearing temperature to the same level according to the conditions of cooling water, water temperature and room temperature. To meet this condition, it is not difficult to achieve in a stable operating state, but in the state of the transition process, it is difficult. For example, when starting, bearings, lubricating oil, etc. are warmed from the cold state until the generated heat and the dissipated heat are balanced. During this period, the change of heart has a certain time constant and shows a linear lag state.

2. Turbine vibration (or acceleration)

A vibrometer (or accelerometer) is installed at the bearing housing of the hydraulic turbine to measure the total amplitude and frequency of vibration (or acceleration) and analyze the results. As a monitoring target, especially using frequency analysis to monitor, you can When the value cannot be reflected, a small abnormality symptom is detected, and the cause is analyzed to determine, which is useful for strict maintenance management.

In addition to changes in the vibration of the turbine bearings and other parts during abnormal conditions such as rotation, they also change due to different operating conditions of the turbine (such as during startup, shutdown, and load conditions). Depending on various conditions, the measured value at the beginning of the operation is usually set as the initial value. Especially at the time of starting, since the amplitude is large and abnormality is likely to occur, monitoring is particularly required.

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