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The Application Range Of Turbine

Oct. 22, 2019

A hydraulic turbine is a power machine that converts the energy of a water stream into a rotating mechanical energy. It is a turbomachinery in a fluid machine, and a Kaplan Turbine is common. As early as 100 BC, China has emerged as a prototype of the turbine, the water wheel, used to pump and drive food processing equipment. Most modern hydro turbines are installed in hydropower stations to drive generators to generate electricity. In the hydropower station, the water in the upstream reservoir is led to the turbine through the water conduit, pushing the turbine runner to rotate and driving the generator to generate electricity. The finished water is drained downstream through the tailpipe. The higher the head and the greater the flow, the greater the output power of the turbine. So, do you know where the modern turbines are mainly used? Francis Turbine Design Company will tell you in the future.

Kaplan Turbine

Kaplan Turbine

The hydraulic turbine is mainly used for pumped storage power stations. When the power system load is lower than the basic load, it can be used as a water pump, using excess power generation capacity, pumping water from the downstream reservoir to the upstream reservoir, storing energy in the form of potential energy; when the system load is higher than the basic load, it can be used as a water turbine. , power is sent to regulate the peak load. Therefore, pure pumped storage power stations can not increase the power of the power system, but can improve the economics of the thermal power generating unit and improve the overall efficiency of the power system. Since the 1950s, pumped storage units have received widespread attention and rapid development in countries around the world.

Most of the early development or high-capacity pumped storage units use three-machine type, that is, the generator motor, the turbine and the pump are connected in series. Its advantage is that the turbine and the water pump are designed separately, each of which has higher efficiency, and the unit rotates in the same direction when generating electricity and pumping, and can be quickly converted from power generation to pumping, or from pumping to power generation. At the same time, the turbine can be used to start the unit. Its shortcomings are high cost and large investment in power plants.

The blades of the inclined flow pump turbine runner can rotate, and still have good running performance when the head and load change. However, due to the hydraulic characteristics and material strength, by the early 1980s, its highest head only used 136.2 meters ( Japan's Takagen First Power Station). For higher heads, a mixed flow pump turbine is required.

The pumped storage power station has two upper and lower reservoirs. Under the condition of storing the same energy, raising the lift can reduce the storage capacity, increase the unit speed, and reduce the project cost. Therefore, the high head energy storage power station of more than 300 meters has developed rapidly. The world's highest-flow mixed-flow pump turbine is installed in the Bayan Basta power station in Yugoslavia. Its single-machine power is 315 megawatts, the turbine head is 600.3 meters, the pump head is 623.1 meters, and the rotational speed is 428.6 rpm. Put into operation in the year. Since the 20th century, hydropower units have been moving toward high parameters and large capacity. With the increase of thermal power capacity in the power system and the development of nuclear power, in order to solve the problem of reasonable peak shaving, all countries in the world are actively constructing pumped storage power stations in addition to vigorously developing or expanding large-scale power stations in major water systems, and the pump turbines have been rapidly developed.

In order to make full use of various hydraulic resources, tidal flats, plain rivers with low drop and even waves have also attracted widespread attention, which has led to the rapid development of tubular turbines and other small units.

The above is about the scope of application of the turbine, I hope to lift everyone's doubts. If you are interested in turbines, you can contact us. We produce Pelton Turbines, Kaplan turbines, etc. We believe that the quality will satisfy you. Welcome to buy.

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