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Introduction To The Sealing Of Turbines

Aug. 21, 2019

Here is a Kaplan Turbine Wholesaler talking about introduction to the sealing of turbines.

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CFD Kaplan Turbine

CFD Kaplan Turbine

Turbine advanced sealing technology is a branch field that has attracted great attention in foreign countries for more than a decade. The advantages brought by advanced sealing technology are reflected in the improvement of engine performance, fuel consumption rate, and reduction of operation and maintenance costs.

Turbine leakage and cylinder deformation are the most common equipment problems during turbine operation. The tightness of the cylinder joint surface directly affects the safe and economic operation of the unit, and the joint surface of the inspection and scraping cylinder is tight, which is the cylinder maintenance. Important work. In the process of dealing with the leakage of the joint surface, it is necessary to carefully analyze the cause of the formation. According to the degree of deformation and the size of the gap, various methods can be comprehensively applied to meet the strict requirements of the joint surface. Cylinder seals are metal-to-metal seal contacts that form an absolute seal only when the seal contact pressure causes permanent deformation of the contact surface. But this is not allowed, the deformation of the cylinder surface will affect the next sealing effect. Therefore, the limit of the bolt pre-tightening force must ensure that the cylinder surface is deformed within the elastic range. However, such a bolt force that elastically deforms the cylinder surface is insufficient to form a hermetic seal resistant to high temperature and high pressure, and leakage occurs even in the case of a perfect cylinder surface having an ultra-high surface finish. Because, although the surface is very good, there are always extremely fine surface defects that generate a leak path sufficient to flow through the air. Turbine cylinder seals can be made with Bocos high-temperature sealants, and Bocos high-temperature sealants have been used on Siemens turbines for more than 50 years (developed in collaboration with Siemens in 1952). Bokos High Temperature Sealant is a one-component, paste-like sealant that is a high-quality sealant for industrial applications and is suitable for applications requiring high temperature and pressure conditions on smooth, flat sealing surfaces (butt joints). Especially suitable for sealing metal joints: steam turbines and gas turbines, compressors, pumps, housings, flange joints, etc. Bokos is resistant to hot steam, gases, hot and cold water, light fuel oils, lubricants, crude oil and natural gas up to 900 °C. Excellent adhesion at the sealing surface and joint ensures a pressure of up to 250 bar (255 kg/cm2). We can issue a 10-year warranty on the application of the steam turbine and gas turbine machine encryption cover (butt joint) for the product, but based on the correct use of the product and industry-specific maintenance. Bokos is not a dangerous substance.

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