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Turbine Development Changes

Jun. 15, 2018

A turbine is an engine that uses fluid to impinge on the rotation of an impeller to generate power. The earliest turbochargers were used on sports cars or formula cars so that the engine could get more power in racing cars where the engine's displacement was limited. Can be divided into steam turbines, gas turbines and turbines. It is widely used as a power generator for power generation, aviation, and navigation. The turbocharger is actually an air compressor that increases the amount of intake air by compressing the air. It uses inertial momentum to increase the output power of the engine. Turbine advanced sealing technology is a branch that has attracted much attention in foreign countries in the past ten years. The benefits of advanced sealing technology are reflected in the improvement of engine performance, reduction of fuel consumption rate, and reduction of operation and maintenance costs.

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Pelton Turbine

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