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Development of Kaplan Turbine

Aug. 27, 2018

The Kaplan Turbine is a rotary propeller type turbine with variable vanes. Developed by Austrian professor Victor Kaplan in 1913, he combines automatically adjustable propeller blades with automatically adjustable vanes to achieve high productivity in large drop flow and large head height differences.

The Kabran turbine was originally developed from the Francis turbine. His invention can be used to efficiently generate electricity in hydroelectric power plants with extremely low head heights, yet extremely low head heights are not possible with Francis turbines. It has a design head height range of 10-70 meters and an output from 5 to 200 megawatts. The diameter of the moving wheel is between 2 and 11 meters. The speed range is from 79 to 429 rpm. The Kaplan turbine and its associated generator have a theoretical head height of 34.65 meters with the highest power efficiency. It is a Kablan turbine with a diameter of 4.8 meters in the Tacoma power plant in Venezuela in 2013. Its unit generates 235MW.

Kaplan turbines are now widely used in high-flow, low-head hydroelectric plants.

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Kaplan Turbine

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