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New Turbine in Yunnan Mazihe

Oct. 19, 2018

Yunnan Mazihe the forth Hydropower plant obtained flow comprised elevated sediment, the first telescope layout (HL100-LJ-110) is absurd and the production quality isn't too nicely, so the erosion on Francis runner along with other leak surface was quite serious, the reduced anti-wear stainless steel plate was worn out, the congestion improved because the acute erosion on runner blade along with other passing components, surgery moves in ineffective, which severely impacting the normal functioning, the overhaul is quite frequent.


Using CFD lively flow simulation technologies to examine the working requirements, grasp the runner's entire characteristics, Getai eventually picked runner HLA542-LJ-120 with excellent hydraulic performance, an entire updates of this turbine distributor was completed .


Following the new turbine placed into commission, the output rose from 8.334MW into 9.2MW,  the turbine ranked efficacy isn't significantly less than 90%, the maximum efficiency can reach 92.5 percent. The generating unit don't have any critical erosion damage following years of performance.


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