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Practical Application Of Kaplan Turbine

Sep. 04, 2018

Kaplan turbines are widely used in electric power production worldwide. It covers hydroelectric power stations with extremely low head heights. In particular, the Cabran type is particularly suitable for hydroelectric power plants installed in high-flow water conditions under the above conditions.

The low-cost microturbines, which are based on Kaplan turbines, are specially designed for individual power generation sites. These microturbines can be designed for head heights of at least 0.3 meters, which are not focused on height. Benefits, only need to run through sufficient water.

The large Kaplan Turbine China is usually designed for each of its upcoming installations to maximize the hydraulic potential of its installation site, and usually the Kabran turbine can be installed over 90% after installation. The hydraulic potential of the site. This type of specially designed Cabran turbine is usually very expensive to design, manufacture and install, but it can last for ten years.

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Kaplan Turbine China

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