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Information About Pelton Turbines

Nov. 19, 2019

The Pelton Turbine is a type of impact turbine developed in the 1870s by the American inventor Lester Allen Pelton. The Pelton Turbine uses the water to flow and impact the waterwheel to get energy, unlike the traditional shooting water tanker that uses the weight of the water itself. As early as Pelton's design was published, a variety of different impact turbine versions existed, but their efficiency was lower than that of Pelton's design. After the water leaves the waterwheel, the water usually still has speed, and the kinetic energy of the waterwheel is wasted. Pelton's paddle geometry allows the moving wheel to run at half the speed of the water jet, leaving the moving wheel at a very low speed; therefore, Pelton's design almost completely captures the impact energy of the water, so that Have a high-performance turbine.

Pelton Turbine

Pelton Turbine

After the high-speed water flow enters the pipeline, the powerful water column is respectively driven by the needle valve to the bucket of the water bucket on the moving wheel to drive the moving wheel. This is also referred to as an impact fan blade, which surrounds the periphery of the drive wheel and is generally referred to as a moving wheel. Since the water jet impinges on the blade, the flow of water changes due to the shape of the bucket. The force of the water impact exerts a torque on the water bucket and the moving wheel system, and rotates the moving wheel; the flow of the water itself is "irreversible", and the water outlet is placed outside the water bucket, at which time the flow rate of the water flow will drop to Very low speed. During this process, the momentum of the fluid jet will be transferred to the moving wheel and from there to the turbine. So the "shock" does work for the turbine. In order to maximize the power and efficiency of the turbine, the system of the moving wheel and turbine is designed to double the speed of the fluid jet onto the bucket. The very small proportion of the original kinetic energy of the fluid jet will remain in the water, which allows the bucket to flow and fill at the same speed, so that the high pressure input fluid can continue to be injected without any waste of energy.

So what are the practical applications of Pelton Turbines? Hydraulic Turbine Generator China suppliers will come to tell you.

The Pelton Turbine is one of the best turbine types for hydroelectric power generation. When the available water source has a very high head height and low flow rate, the Pelton turbine is the most profitable type of turbine in this environment. Therefore, in the high head and low flow environment, Pelton turbines are the most effective, even if they are divided into two injection streams, theoretically still contain the same energy. Moreover, the conduits used in the two injections must be of comparable quality, one of which requires a long thin tube and the other of which is a short wide tube. Pelton turbines can be installed in sites of all sizes. There are now hydroelectric plants with hydraulic vertical shaft Pelton turbines installed in tons. Its largest unit of equipment can be as high as 200 megawatts. The smallest Pelton turbine is only a few inches wide and can be used to extract energy from streams that flow only a few gallons per minute. Some household plumbing systems use the Pelton-style waterwheel for water transport. These small Pelton turbines are recommended for use below a head height of 30 feet (9.1 meters) or higher to produce significant power generation. Currently, depending on the water flow and design, the Pelton turbine installation site head height is preferably between 49 and 5,905 feet (14.9 to 1,799.8 meters), but in practice there is currently no theoretical limit.

The above is the relevant description of the turbine Casting Guide Vane supplier about the Pelton turbine, hoping to help everyone.

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