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What Is Hydropower Station?

Jan. 14, 2019

Hydropower stations are incorporated technology facilities which convert water energy into electric energy. 

It normally includes reservoirs and hydropower channel water diversion systems made by water retaining and draining buildings, 

power plant houses, and electromechanical equipment. The high water level of the reservoir flows to the 

plant through the water diversion system to push the hydroelectric generating unit to generate electric energy, 

and then input the electricity grid through the step-up transformer, the switch station, along with the transmission line.

Hydropower station

An electromechanical device that converts water energy into electrical energy is called a hydropower station power plant. 

The traditional hydropower station and the tidal power station are hydro-generator sets composed of 

hydro turbinesHorizontal Turbine or Straight Flow Turbine) and Turbine Generator, and auxiliary governors, 

oil pressure devices, excitation apparatus, and the like. The energy equipment of the pumped storage power station is 

a pumped storage unit composed of a pump turbine and a hydroelectric generator engine and its associated 

mechanical and electrical equipment. The hydropower station's electrical installations comprise generator voltage distribution equipment, 

step-up transformers, high-voltage power supply units, and monitoring, management, measurement, signal, and protect electrical equipment.

Straight Flow Turbine

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