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Preventive Maintenance of Hydraulic Turbines

Sep. 30, 2020

The meaning of preventive maintenance

Generally speaking, the maintenance technology of Hydro Turbine equipment is divided into three categories: failure maintenance after the occurrence of failure, preventive maintenance for regular decomposition and inspection, and predictive maintenance for prediction and processing based on diagnostic data. These are the meanings of preventive maintenance in a narrow sense. In a broad sense, preventive maintenance also includes the prevention of faults, the judgment of the location and cause of the fault, the determination of early recovery means and methods, safe operation and return operations, etc.

The purpose of preventive maintenance

The purpose of preventive maintenance is roughly divided into three aspects: economic improvement, technical ability improvement and quality improvement.

(1) Economic improvement

It is designed to prevent accidents before they happen, or once an accident occurs, the downtime of the equipment can be shortened due to early detection, and the operation of the Hydraulic Turbine Generator can be improved. In addition, unnecessary redundant repairs are avoided and optimization is sought to reduce repair costs.

Hydraulic Turbine Generator

Hydraulic Turbine Generator

(2) Improvement of technical performance

In response to the decrease of skilled maintenance workers, the system brings together the skills of various skilled maintenance workers to play a role, removes the differences among people, and develops from intuitive judgment to quantitative analysis.

(3) Quality improvement

Prevent emergencies, or use early detection in the event of emergencies to ensure safety and improve reliability.

System Components

The outline of the composition of the preventive maintenance system for hydropower stations is described as follows. The structure of the system is roughly divided into a centralized monitoring device in the control station and an individual monitoring device in each power station connected by a modem. The sub-offices are further divided into a sensor unit for measuring the state, a CPU unit for arithmetic processing, and a keyboard. The three parts of CRT and other human-machine dialogue department. Similarly, the main bureau is also divided into two parts: CPU part and human-machine dialogue part.

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