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The Handling of Malfunctions In the Operation of Hydraulic Turbines

Apr. 19, 2021

The Hydraulic Turbine Supplier shares with you the handling methods of the malfunction in the operation of the hydraulic turbine, please feel free to contact us if you need

The treatment method of high temperature of water guide tile

If the temperature of the water guide tile of the unit is relatively high, it needs to be analyzed and handled from the following steps.

First, if the temperature of the water guide tile rises slowly and there is no abnormality in the oscillation and vibration of the unit, do not shut down hastily.

First, check whether the temperature measurement system is normal, the flow and pressure of cooling water are normal, and the oil level is normal.

If you cannot quickly determine the cause and the temperature continues to rise, you need to stop the machine immediately for inspection.

Second, if the temperature suddenly rises and the vibration and oscillation of the unit suddenly become larger, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately.

Check the cooling water system, temperature measurement system, oil level and oil quality of water guide tank and oil and water pipeline thoroughly to find the cause.

If necessary, you can disassemble the water guide, check the wear between the tile surface and the gap of the water guide tile, and make reasonable repairs to it.

Hydraulic Turbine

Hydraulic Turbine

How to deal with the over-speed of the unit?

First, if the unit is overspeeding, do not panic, but keep calm and composed to deal with it.

Secondly, if the unit suddenly loses load during operation, check whether the overspeed protection device can operate normally.

If the overspeed protection device does not operate normally or refuses to move, make an emergency stop manually immediately and close the main valve of the turbine if necessary.

Thirdly, if the unit rotates too fast due to abnormal governor or shearing pin cutting during the start-up and shutdown process.

At this time, even though the speed has not reached the rated value for overspeed protection operation, the main valve of the turbine needs to be closed immediately.

For those units without a main valve, the inlet gate in front of the unit needs to be closed immediately.

In addition, if the speed of the unit drops below 35% of the rated speed, a manual brake is required to bring the unit to a complete stop.

Measures to deal with turbine runner failures

Firstly, the fault generated by the runner is mainly cavitation, and in the process of welding and cleaning of cavitation, manual electric arc welding is generally adopted.

Before welding, the cavitation should be scraped clean, and then the burr and high point should be ground off, followed by preheating it with oxygen-acetylene flame at a temperature of about 200℃.

Secondly, the cavitation is divided into two parts, the upper and lower, using the water dividing edge as the boundary for overlay welding.

The method of backfill welding is used to finish the top part of the overlay first, and then the bottom part of the overlay.

In addition, when welding, the leaf shape should be strictly checked, carefully calibrated and corrected.

In order to ensure that the requirements of the welding conditions can be met, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the corrosion resistance of the runner.


If the hydraulic turbine fails, it will directly cause the generator set to fail to operate normally.

In a word, the Hydropower Station should put the turbine in the operation process of the handling of the failure on an important position.

When choosing the turbine, pay more attention to the quality of the turbine.

In the process of daily operation and management, accident prevention and accident analysis should be strengthened.

For different kinds of accidents, respond calmly and take scientific measures to deal with them.

Eliminate or reduce the probability of accidents at the root, so as to ensure stable and lasting operation of the Turbine.

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