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Hydropower Equipment Industry Entering A New Stage

May. 16, 2020

After many years’ development, China's manufacturing industry has developed into a period of high-tech from the preliminary imitation stage, which gradually narrows the gap with foreign countries with advanced technology. Under this circumstance, domestic manufacturing has become the main theme of all sectors, including the hydropower industry.

In the future, the key point for international competition is low-carbon and environmental protection. As one of the green energy sources, hydro-generation plays an important role. In order to enhance the competitiveness of China's hydropower industry, it is essential to develop the strategy of localization, especially for the hydropower equipment industry.

The localization of hydropower equipment not only means to accelerate the development of industrial technology and the speed of hydropower project construction, and reduce the costs of hydropower R&D, but also improves China’s competitiveness in the international market in order to promote the technological innovation of international hydropower equipment.

Undoubtedly, in the context of international competition, it is the best and only choice for us to improve the level of localization and marketing share to take the leading position in technology and marketing. The localization of hydropower equipment industry becomes so imperative.

From the time before the reform and opening up to China's participation in the WTO, China's hydropower equipment industry kept actively exploring on how to fulfil localization.

For example, before the reform and opening up, due to the lack of foreign technical support, the hydropower equipment industry progressed so slowly in its technical level and manufacturing capacity, and the localization was full of difficulties. After China's participation in the WTO, our hydropower equipment industry advanced so much, with the localization rate increasing year by year.

Hydropower Equipment Industry Entering A New Stage

At present, all countries in the world are vigorously developing green energy. As an important part of the green energy industry, it is of great significance to increase the proportion of localization of hydropower equipment industry in China. Therefore, relevant authorities have formulated many encouraging policies to encourage the localization of hydropower equipment industry.

Encouraged by this policy, the hydropower equipment industry made rapid progress in localization in recent years and great progress in the international market. However, due to the weak industrial infrastructure in the major exporting countries, it is still difficult for us to fulfil global manufacturing. So domestic manufacturing is still the main choice.

In the future, in order to obtain marketing shares both in China and foreign counties, we need to increase investment in scientific research, breakthrough the core technologies to realize independent innovation and reach the advanced level in the world.

For this purpose, we may actively introduce advanced technologies and seek independent innovation in core and key technologies in order to speed up the pace to improve the competitiveness of the hydropower equipment industry in China.

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