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Development Status and Trend of Hydraulic Turbine Technology

Jan. 04, 2021

China has the world's top three hydropower resources, and the development of these resources is entering a stage of zenith. We have come a long way, and then there will be China to open up new paths

China's water resources are among the highest in the world. Although it is at the forefront, there is only one Amazon tropical rain forest with more water resources than our country, and the Amazon rain forest is more wild and natural forest. Such forests do not need Water Turbines to disturb.

In 1990, China's hydropower resources still had a large amount of resources that were not used. The national installed capacity was only 36045.5MW, and the annual power generation was 126.35 billion KWh, which only accounted for all the resources that could be developed. Less than 10%

Water Turbines

Water Turbines

With the development of the economy, China has not forgotten this huge amount of resources. With the birth of world-class super dams one after another, they broke world records one after another and used technologies that have never appeared in other countries. As of 2016, China’s total installed hydropower capacity has been steadily ranked and has been the number one in the world for a long time, and the heart of Hydropower Plants is water turbines. As the long-term development has become increasingly perfect, its manufacturing industry has entered a period of rapid development

China's Hydroelectric Generators are mainly counterattack. With the development of science and technology and the birth of new disciplines, the application of computers and new data statistics methods. Water turbine technology has been further developed. Over the years, there have been amazing breakthroughs in the highest efficiency and average power. The highest efficiency of model turbines can reach 95%. The model making methods of turbines, fluid dynamics calculations and computer technology are combined. The efficiency and reliability of the turbine have been greatly improved. Comprehensive simulation calculation and performance estimation can reduce the loss as small as possible.

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