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Development of Pelton Turbine

Jun. 22, 2018

As early as in ancient times, our country began to use waterwheels to provide power for production. Pelton Turbine, a water turbine-based water turbine, is now becoming a new hot area in the water turbine industry. While other types of turbines are relatively mature, the impact turbines are receiving more and more attention. The modern impingement turbine is a type of hydraulic prime mover that can convert water into mechanical energy by using a special water guiding mechanism to deduce a free jet with kinetic energy and rush to the runner bucket to rotate the runner to do work. In the impact turbine, the difference between the relative positions of the working jet and the runner and the number of work processes can be divided into a cut-type turbine, a swash-turbine and a double-click turbine.

The theoretical analysis proves that the efficiency is the highest when the circumferential speed of the bucket circle is about half of the jet speed. In the case of changes in the load of the hydraulic turbine, the inlet water speed of the runner remains the same, and in addition to the use of such turbines for high-head power plants, the head change is relatively small and the speed does not change much, so the efficiency is less affected by load changes. The efficiency curve is relatively flat, with the highest efficiency exceeding 91%.

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Pelton Turbine

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