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Basic Concepts and Development History of Hydraulic Turbines

Mar. 22, 2021

A Water Turbine is a power machine that converts the energy of water flow into rotating mechanical energy. It belongs to the turbomachinery in fluid machinery. As early as around 100 BC, the embryonic form of water turbines, water wheels, appeared in China, used to lift irrigation and drive grain processing equipment.

Water Turbine

Water Turbine

Modern hydraulic turbines are mostly installed in hydropower stations to drive generators to generate electricity. In a hydropower station, the water in the upstream reservoir is led to the turbine through the diversion pipe, which drives the turbine runner to rotate and drives the generator to generate electricity. The finished water is discharged downstream through the tailpipe. The higher the water head and the greater the flow, the greater the output power of the turbine.

Turbines and auxiliary machinery are important hydropower equipment, an indispensable part of the hydropower industry, and are important equipment that makes full use of clean and renewable energy to achieve energy saving, emission reduction and reduce environmental pollution. Its technological development is comparable to the scale of development of my country’s hydropower industry. adapt. Driven by my country's power demand, my country's hydraulic turbine and auxiliary machinery manufacturing industry has entered a period of rapid development, and its economic scale and technical level have been significantly improved. my country's hydraulic turbine manufacturing technology has reached the world's advanced level.

The comprehensive strength of my country's Hydraulic Turbine and auxiliary machinery manufacturing industry has increased significantly, and the entire industry has shown a vigorous development and energetic situation. The signs of the industry's improvement are manifested in the improvement of the quality of economic operation and the significant growth of economic benefits. In 2010, there were 68 enterprises above designated size in my country's hydraulic turbine and auxiliary machinery manufacturing industry, achieving sales revenue of 4.470 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.35%; realizing total profits of 323 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.16%.

In 2010, my country's installed hydropower capacity reached 211 million kilowatts, newly approved hydropower capacity was 13.22 million kilowatts, and the scale under construction was 77 million kilowatts. According to my country’s commitment to the international community that “non-petrochemical energy will reach 15% of total energy by 2020”, the installed capacity of my country’s hydropower industry must reach 380 million kilowatts in 2020.

When the water flow of the early impulse turbines impacts the blades, the kinetic energy is greatly lost and the efficiency is not high. In 1889, the American engineer Pelton invented the bucket water turbine, which has a streamlined shrinking nozzle, which can efficiently convert the water flow energy into the kinetic energy of a high-speed jet.

Water turbine is a kind of power machinery that converts water energy into mechanical energy. In most cases, this mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy through a generator, so the water turbine is used for water energy utilization and power generation services.

Water is one of the most important natural resources that mankind can rely on in life and production. Our ancestors have fought against floods a long time ago and learned to use water energy. Dayu's flood control over two thousand years before the park is still praised by people. In 37 AD, the Chinese invented a water-wheel driven blast equipment-water drain. In 260-270 AD, the Chinese created a water mill, and in 220-300 AD, they invented a water wheel driven water mill. These hydraulic machines have a simple structure and are easy to manufacture. . The disadvantages are cumbersome, low output, and low efficiency. The real large-scale rational development and utilization of water resources were after the development of modern industry and the development of technologies related to power generation and shipping.

The comprehensive development and utilization of water resources refers to the comprehensive utilization of river water resources in flood control, irrigation, shipping, power generation, and aquatic products through the construction of water conservancy projects.

my country’s hydropower development equipment business also flourished after the founding of New China. In 1975, my country could only design and manufacture the 75,000-kilowatt Xin’anjiang Hydropower Station. my country was able to design and manufacture a single-unit capacity of 700,000-kilowatt Francis turbines. Generator sets and axial-flow paddle hydro-generator sets with a unit capacity of 170,000 kilowatts.

The design and manufacturing level of my country's hydraulic equipment has reached the world's advanced level. The hydroelectric power generation equipment designed and manufactured in my country is exported to the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Vietnam and other countries, and has been welcomed by these countries.

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