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Introduction About Kaplan Tubular Turbine

Oct. 10, 2019

Here is a professional CNC Double Francis Turbine Supplier talking about introduction about Kaplan tubular turbine.

CFD Kaplan Turbine

CFD Kaplan Turbine

CFD Kaplan Turbine is suitable for medium & low water head and large flowpower plants. With same water head, the Kaplan runner speed is higherthan that of the Francis'. The Kaplan runner blade can be either fixed androtatory. The key components include: Kaplan runner, Distributor, Mainshaft, Main shaft seal, Turbine guide bearing, Governor, Draft tube, Spiral case.

Tubular Turbines are suitable to lower water head, is a kind of horizontalturbine with straight flow channel. There is no spiral case in Tubularturbine, and its blades can be fixed or rotatory. The key componentsinclude: Tubular runner, Distributor, Turbine guide bearing, Governor among other.

Product Introduction:

1. Advanced CFD, FEA technic is utilized in the designing process to ensure better technical solution.

2. CAE casting simulation is adopted for the produciton of casting parts, this advanced and reliable process plan could help effectively improveproduct quality.

3. All raw material strictly conform to international standard, such as ASTM, IEC,ISO etc. key component such as runners, guide vane is Forged and entire CNC machined

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