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Causes of Wear of Large Shaft Seal Chambers of Hydraulic Turbines

Jan. 02, 2020

Turbines and auxiliary equipment are important hydropower equipment and an indispensable part of the hydropower industry. In a hydropower station, the water in the upstream reservoir is directed to the turbine through a water diversion pipe, which drives the turbine runner to rotate and drives the generator to generate electricity. The finished water is discharged downstream through the tailpipe. The higher the head and the greater the flow, the greater the output of the turbine.

The large shaft sealing device of the hydraulic turbine is an important part of the structure of the hydraulic turbine. The large shaft packing seal room is worn and the packing is worn. The leakage of water causes the bearings and thrust bearings to burn and even to be scrapped. The performance of the large shaft packing seal chamber directly endangers the safe operation of the unit, and the problems such as whether the large shaft is worn and whether the packing is damaged are particularly important. Packing can be replaced, but the problem of large shaft sealing surface wear is a huge problem for existing enterprises. So how should we respond? Hydraulic Turbine Generator Supplier will come to tell you.

First, the condition of the wear repair process of the turbine shaft seal chamber

1. The worn parts of the sealing surface of the big shaft seal are welded or machined after welding with the same material. This repair method not only needs to control the temperature and current, but also needs to be inspected after welding to prevent hidden cracks. In short, the repair time is long, the process is complicated, and the cost is high. It is difficult to control the repair size and accuracy if it is repaired on site.

2. Plane the large shaft sealing bushing with a gouger and replace it with a new bushing. This method is difficult to replace on-site, and the unit needs to be disassembled and returned to the factory, which takes a long time and costs.

3. On-site repair of Soleil carbon nano-polymer materials is not only short in time and low in cost, but also highly accurate and free from thermal stress, and it does not require disassembly of the unit.

Francis Turbine

Francis Turbine

Second, Suo Lei carbon nano-polymer material for the repair of the turbine shaft sealing chamber wear repair process

1. Do the preparatory work, that is, the selection of Soray materials, the preparation of related tools and personnel, etc .;

2. The preliminary cleaning of the sealing surface will remove water stains and scales on the surface, and remove high points, burrs, rust layers, etc .;

3. Combined with the abrasion of the abrasion seal surface of the large shaft, local treatment is required according to the repair tooling requirements;

4. Use absolute ethanol to clean the repaired surface to ensure no dirt and dry;

5. Calculate the amount of material according to the site wear depth;

6. Harmonize Soray carbon nano-polymer material according to the proportion, and fully colorless;

7. Quickly apply the tuned material to the repair surface: the first layer is repeatedly scraped to ensure that the material is fully bonded to the metal substrate, and then evenly applied to the entire surface of the journal, the thickness of the application is slightly greater than the amount of unilateral wear;

8. Material curing: When the ambient temperature is 24 ℃, it is recommended that the material curing time is not less than 6 hours; when the ambient temperature is below 24 ℃, it is recommended to use a heating tool to keep the material temperature 60-80 ℃ for not less than 4 hours. Do not directly heat the flame material;

9. After the material is fixed, remove excess material from other parts. Use the corresponding workpiece grinding to restore the original sealing surface size.

The above are the reasons and solutions for the wear of the large shaft sealing chamber of the turbine introduced by the supplier of Francis Turbine. I hope to help everyone.

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