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Business Conception: Quality is our future.

Management Conception: Growing together with the staffs.

Quality Conception: Taking technology firstly, quality premier, sincerity utmost, sustain continuous improvement.

Company Vision: People can see GETAI product everywhere all over the world.



 Ability Determines Positions, Contribution Determines Value,

 Getai is looking for personnel who will provide committed and entrepreneurial performance in a challenging and rewarding environment.

 We value employees from various backgrounds who bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to our business. We believe in collaboration and teamwork across geographic, and cultural boundaries to achieve common goals.

 Fish enjoys a good swim in the broad ocean and an eagle soars in the blue sky. Hope Getai is the right stage for you to realize your dreams,we sincerely wish that you could become a valuable member of us!

Send us your resume to, we will carefully evaluate your application. Thanks.


Culture & Careers

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